Dr. Francis Caban – Caban Skin Institute

 Dr. Francis Caban – Caban Skin Institute

It was Dr. Francis Caban’s childhood family physician, and close family friend, who inspired him to pursue a career in medicine. 

He suffered from a variety of allergies when I was young, and, consequently spent a lot of time in the doctor’s office. The silver lining of his many trips to his office was an early exposure to both medicine and dermatology – both of which fascinated him more with every visit. 

Then and now, he always admired his doctor’s dedication to and passion for helping people. Today, at his own practice and skin institute, he tries to practice medicine in a way similar to him – with plenty of personalized attention, empathy for him patients, and integrity in all parts of his business.

Dermatology covers such a wide scope of care, from medical dermatology to cosmetic dermatology, that it keeps me on my toes every day. I spend hundreds of hours a year learning about the latest research in skin health care and incorporating new therapies and treatments into my practice to better serve my patients. Because of my diverse range of services I can treat patients who either need to feel better or simply want to feel better at The Caban Skin Institute. The variety of the work I do continues to hold my interest day in and day out. 

One of his greatest passions is helping people overcome skin cancer diagnoses. At The Caban Skin Institute, they are working to turn melanoma into MelaNOmás ® — skin cancer no more. He truly believes that if patients are well educated about prevention, detection, and suspicious signs of skin cancer, they can achieve this goal with him.